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The Atrium Gallery

During the 2020-21 academic year, students from across many areas in the School of Arts participated in workshops exploring darkroom processes.

Students who had never even entered a photography darkroom began a journey learning the process of darkroom and film photography. Starting with non-lens-based imagery such as photograms and watergrams they built up the skills and confidence to use a film camera for the first time, all with varied and exceptional results.

Once confident using the darkroom and experimenting with different processing techniques, they soon found their niche in these short workshops. Some enjoyed investigating the non-lens process of chemigrams, watergrams and photograms, while others flourished in using film for the first time. Even though these students had not shot film before, it was still evident in their work that they had and artistic eye, employing fundamentals such as composition, pattern, shape and the rule of thirds.

On display are examples of the varied work our students produced in the darkroom. Students from Year 1 Photography, as well as Year 1 & 2 Art & Design are on display.

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