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Students recognised for their resilience and commitment to learning through online engagement.

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The period of Spring 2020 will be remembered for years; for the changes in our daily life and the impact on the education of a generation of children and young people. The move to distance learning and teaching online bought many challenges. The students of the School of Arts and Media have shown their resilience during this time and commitment to their ongoing studies in overcoming hurdles that will have been unique to each individual.

Staff in the department would like to acknowledge the consistent engagement of their students; Winners of the Award for Resilience, Engagement and Commitment to Learning throughout the Covid19 pandemic are:

Benito Lopez, Lilly Blackwood, Eboni-Rose Knott, Summerlea Burnett, Kriss Tanon,

Callum Bernard, Hollie Patterson * Evie Sirett, Elizabeth Oesi-Wusu, Lobetha Perinpanthan, Megan Joy, Lauren Jenkins, Charli Morrison, George Situtu, Edy Arnautu, Samuel Abiola, Joanne Phillips, * Seren Stokes-Blake, Bobbie-Jo Rijkebusch, Jessica Ward, Eva Carter-Grist, Angel Hale, Emma Moreland, Emma Newitt, Zulfikar Hussein, Chloe McGinnley,

Kelsea Ward, Jasmine Richardson, Katy Taylor, Rosie Tokarski-Mclean, Fahad Thabit,

Jade Flynn, Gabriella Mack, Kirsty Meach, Kya-Nicole Caprice. * Brooklyn Boateng.

* Caitlin Fullwood, Kelly Gilnagh, Jess Nichols, Molly Rooney, Alicia Gallagher, Molly Turner * All students from Year 1 Level 3 Art & Design * Katie Egerton, Fatma Aman, Henry Marsh, Isabel Eades, Monica Bolina, Anastasia David, Kane Macdonald, George Staicu,

Sophie Haselton, Tommy Cross, Hugh Townsend, Amber Harman, Lewis Clark, Leah Benn, Georgia Bancroft, Amelie Clancy, Chloe Lau, Harvey Tracey, Kaitlin Welding,

Anamaria Florea, Lauren Neil, Annabel Martin, Fahamida Akter * Felix Golding,

Sade Murphy, Hannah Price, Ellie Carbine, Drew McGowan, Leatrice Devlin, Emily Gibson, Shannon Corkett, Hannah Peachey, Chris Hearnden, Chris Fernandes, Jade Cowland, Ethan Hayter, Ella Cosgrif, Dan Allen, James Smith, Becca Gore and Sophie Hadley, * Sasha Wilkes Fernandes, * Joseph Crossley. Kira Wilson. Dimitar Dimitrov * Finlay Brooks, Myrna McHawaya, Marcin Lapczyk, Des'Reeya Al-Shiraz, Ellie Bacon, Oliver Bamber, Connor Baynes, Tom Elliot, Amelia Filby, Cody Hookey, Ethan Jacobs, Brandon Finch, Cameron Keep-Worrell, Jake Latchford, Jacob OReilly, Oliver Smee, Patrick Cooper, Kimberley Costick, Luke Cullum, Oliver Guy, Joey Hines, Harlee Low, Jonathan Palmer, Andor Varga, Callum Dean, Ben Dodds, Arron Heeley, Emily Killman, Kieran O'Donnell, Siante St Louis, Tyler Cutts, Max Todd, Jean Pierre Obando Jaramillo and Jake Budd, Harry Anderson, Samuel Beckley.

* Lauren Mole, Freya Dann, Griffin Dann, Mae-Ling Leung, Olimpia Irving, Iman Naqvi, Asma Athumani, Phoebe Bailey * Josh Hodges, Rudy Blackstone, Will White,

Mohamed Kariapper, Andrew Hansen, * Maisie Blain, Sasha Coggin, Tamzin Good,

Melody Hawes, Freya Hems, Ella Iles and Jodie Wilson.

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