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Student designs catch the attention of FE press

You may have read in our recent blog post about the client brief set for students that went on to achieve more than the client Agile Acoustics had expected. Current students on the Fashion and Textiles course now have professionally displayed work to add to their portfolios as the designs feature in the company's catalogue of panel designs.

We are all very proud of this achievement in our students but also celebrate the fantastic outcome that a collaboration between the college departments and an external client can bring about for all involved. The story was shared in the FE News a sector specialist news platform for Further Education. It also featured in Milton Keynes local Press.

In an excerpt from the article AgileAcoustics boss, Stuart Jones says,

“What struck me was how commercially-minded Gemma and her colleagues are. The designs are genuinely worthy of their place in our catalogue. You can see the amount of thought, effort and time which has gone into them. I love the fact that every design has a story of the individual student behind them and that adds to the appeal for people who might buy the prints.”

The catalogue the designs are in is already attracting interest from a number of clients including a Global TV production company and a very large property company. Stuart says, “Nobody really knows how many people will go back to offices once this crisis is over and how much working from home is here to stay. Either way we now have a product which could be used in both and that’s really exciting.”

Read the FE News feature here and view the MK Citizen article here

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