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Spotlight on... Photography

The Photography course has been really popular with new students this year and returning Photography students at MK College Bletchley Campus have loved being back in the studio again. All the students are lucky enough to have the input of two industry specialist photography tutors guiding them on their studies; Peter Carter and Sarah Wearn. Over the last few weeks they have produced some exemplary work and are learning at a pace. An explanation of some of what they've been up to in the studio these last four weeks is detailed by Sarah Wearn below:

Today UAL extended diploma photography students have been exploring the creative possibilities of compositing objects in Photoshop to create a commercial product photo and product photography lighting.

Together we have metered light and carefully positioned key lights and fill lights around products in order to light our beverages well, without harsh and garish reflections. Students were also introduced to a new light called a Gobo, which is also used in cinematography to block light with patterns for different effects.

Food Photography

Today the Extended Diploma and HE Photography students have both been developing their skills as both food stylists and food photographers. They have learned the technical aspects of shallow depth of field to create depth and richness in the food photography. They have experimented with compositional rules such as rule of thirds and negative space. The lighting used has been a mixture of ambient window lighting and narrow lighting in the studio.

Props & Lighting Techniques

Level 3 extended diploma photography students have been exploring the use of props with creative studio lighting techniques.

This particular example (skateboard rim lighting, created by Thomas Wearing) was produced by combing a turquoise gel and key light placed source behind the subject.

The students have also experimented with other lighting styles such as split lighting and clamshell. The students have been developing their knowledge of colour and combining this with studio photography.

You can see some of the final outcomes from these photography workshops on the gallery page of this website or click here


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