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Spotlight on... HND

The Higher National Diploma programme runs pathways in 3 routes; Art Practice, Graphic Design and Photography. In this blog post we shine a light on the work of Hannah Gawkowska, a student on the Graphic Design pathway.

Hannah Gawkowska – this work was designed for the Branding & Identity brief for Graphic Design. I was asked to design a pattern for a collection of items that would be sold by Goji Electronics. I was heavily inspired by 1950s pattern designs and the works of Lucienne Day. I have put my own modern twist on these by pairing it with a geometric print. The colour palettes I selected are understated, appealing to a unisex audience.

With hopes of becoming a Surface Pattern Designer in the future, this brief allowed me to challenge myself and to create something that I am proud to put in my portfolio. I was able to express myself and felt I could find and develop my personal style. At the end of the academic year, I hope to work in a Junior Graphic Design role and use freelancing as an opportunity to develop my skills and produce niche work. I hope to sell my own art prints as home décor for my buyers. I have began freelancing already and have been fortunate enough to gain some commissioned work; I can only hope this continues in the future and once I have branded myself properly, I will be able to advertise and put myself out there as much as possible.

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