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Caroline Baker HND Graphic Design student shares her journey so far

I have worked in Marketing for over 15 years working on corporate identities for B2B and B2C companies across multiple industries. As a Graphic Designer, I decided to gain an industry qualification and embark on a HND course in Graphic Design to improve my skills and career opportunities. With a life-long interest in art and illustration I wanted to focus on developing my skills as a designer using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Procreate specialising in Illustration.

My aim is to be a distinctive illustrator for multiple industries offering a distinctive illustrative style for books, comics, products, advertising, organizations and digital platforms, developing a fun and enthusiastic style that reflects my cheerful, buoyant and charming personality. Eventually I would love to be a published illustrator of Children’s books, creating popular, memorable and prominent designs in an already varied and competitive creative market.

The work that I have completed so far is the result of several projects that I have enjoyed participating in whilst on my course. My first project was to design a logo for the Ha-Ha Project at Linford Manor Park which had more of a historical context. This involved onsite research and developing scamps to develop designs. I also took part in a live brief that required designing a brand identity for a small local business, where we collaborated with students on the photography and fine art course to work together in producing a coherent and suitable brand.

My favourite project so far has been designing an identity for a technology accessory brand where I added my own creative flair. This resulted in a fantastic surface design that was loved by my peers and successful in aspiring to the target market. I have also begun to put a final portfolio together consisting of work relating to my Business Plan of becoming a freelance graphic illustrator. This is where I can really let go of the reigns and let my imagination run wild. The portfolio will consist of artwork that can be sold as digital prints and potential imaginary briefs set by businesses and publishers including posters, surface design, book covers, book spreads and many more.


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