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Fashion student makes short film

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

As lockdown looked imminent, Kane McDonald knew that if he wanted to realise his creative vision for his final piece as a graduating fashion student from MK College he would need the resources he had on hand with his brother in Manchester and quickly relocated himself up there to stay.

With the help of his brother Kane produced a short film, styling and structuring the piece himself.

Kane has this to say:

It’s a short film that’s left vague on purpose, I had a longer video shot and an ending to the story, however I felt the ending was too short and I could do more stuff in the future with those characters. It’s about a pirate radio station, that reads books as a form of freedom fighter against the privatised government

​It’s set in a dystopian future, Juvenilia are a group of freedom fighters. It was shot on a very good camera, a RED Epic. The car in the video is defunct and old, in fact it doesn’t run

Kane added ‘To make it look like it was on we popped the boot and stuck these makeshift LED DIY panels made from LED ribbon running to a battery inside the boot, we also placed a tiny spotlight in the front of the car. Then near the back we had another led panel with a red gel over it to diffuse the light and give that red glow. We used a lot of smoke, to allow the camera to pick up the glows of the light, we also had another led panel that was pointing down that was above us with a blue gel.

We were inspired by a lot of Ridley Scott’s work as he is from Durham, mainly Blade Runner. Also we took inspiration from George Orwell’s 1984. ​

We shot most of it in one night from 11pm to 5:30am as it was getting light again. The background music is actually composed by my brother and I after we were messing around on an old synth. To give the effect of the red dots on my character, we used old air soft goggles. With LED ribbon stuck to the front with a red gel to diffuse the light and make it red. It ran down through my hoodie and was connected to a tiny battery in my pocket.’

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