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FAD exhibit 'The Giant Minute' in Atrium gallery

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Students from the FAD course showcased their work from their latest project 'The Giant Minute'

Course Team Leader Kate Edwards explained that the objective of the project was all about exploring the potential of 'Scale' and there are a variety of responses to this starting point on display.

Their brief was:


The impact of an image can be affected by scale, something huge can feel overpowering, terrifying and dramatic. Equally a tiny object can draw you in, force you to get closer to examine the piece of work. It is important to be aware of this alongside other factors when creating. Inspired by the work you explored over the summer develop your ideas through the use of research, drawing and media experimentation, aiming to create a series of work that will be exhibited in November at MK College, Atrium Gallery.

Installation piece by Nicole Carolyn

This piece by student Sam Berry explores the hidden power and beauty behind the coral reefs and their individual importance to our way of life. Created by digitally combining mono printing techniques and hand drawn illustrations to explore new ways of creating patterns.

Sam said 'its a lovely feeling of achievement to have our work out on display for others to see'

Alex Stanier-Martin created this artwork titled Blue Berry, using Acrylic on Canvas. 'Its really interesting to see how different the work is, all from the same starting point. There's a real contrast of characters' said Alex.

Colour and Emotion; a series of drawings and paintings by Saskia Smart

For my project 'Giant & Minute' I have explored the relationship between our emotions and how feelings of happiness (Giant) are just as important as the feelings of sadness (Minute).

I aim to show how one can't exist without the other, the bright range of colours representing different emotions we naturally have, making links to theories of colour psychology.

Multi Media Installation by Lydia Slater

''In this collection of pieces I've explored the relationship between the human mind and fragility, focusing on how poor mental health can be expressed through art, hopefully enlightening people to seeing mental health as equal to physical health. Throughout my work the motif of tape is evident - it's a sort of physical representation of an attempt to cure the mind of what's plaguing it.''

Additional pieces on display:


These portrait pieces are by Amy Appleton.


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