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Creativity Prevails

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Students have returned for the start to a new academic year on Bletchley Campus and they are embracing the chance to get creative again. 

Below are some images from work across the Applied Art and Design Level 3 and Extended Level 3 Art and Design as the students start new projects and develop new skills. The first year students are starting their Project 'Botanist' and second years are exploring the concept of 'Utopia'

At this stage of the course the students are encouraged to explore and experiment as much as possible to build their knowledge of creative processes. We are only at the end of week 4 and between the two year groups they have already covered a range of techniques including:

Observational & continuous line drawing. Etching. Embossing. Charcoal reduction. Monoprinting. Photoshop digital challenge & skills development. Creation of vacuum formed moulds* see video below! and Paint Making from natural pigments.

Snapshots of some of the outcomes from all this experimentation can be seen below:

You can also follow the Level 3 Art and Design on Instagram

Vac Forming!

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